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What do online gay adult DVD rental services do?

Online gay DVD rental sites offer a service that allows you to rent porn movies through the mail. Instead of having to go to a local porn shop, you can know select your porn online and it will be mailed directly to you. These new services offer a more private way to get a much wider selection of porn. Simply sign up for a service, select the titles you are interested in, and they will begin shipping you out titles off you list for free. The amount of DVDs you have at one time is determined by which plan you choose to sign up for. Once you get your DVDs, watch them at you leisure, when you’re done, drop them into the mail using the prepaid envelope, and a new DVD will be shipped out to you. No due dates, no late fees and no shipping costs!

Can I try it for Free before I commit to a membership?

Yes! Most sites offer a free trial that allows you to try out their services for a limited time. We highly recommend that you take advantage of these offers in order to gauge depth of selection, shipping times and ease of use, before committing to a membership.

Can I purchase a DVD if I want to add it to my permanent Collection?

Yes! Most companies offer the option to buy any of the DVDs you receive. Simple login to your account, select to purchase that DVD, and the next DVD on your list will be shipped out to you! Another perk you will find as a member is that many sites will offer a substantial discount on titles that they have over purchased.

Discretion is very important to me, should I be worried?

Not at all. Most sites are very dscreet, using non-adult billing names and mailing packages. Be sure to check each companies polices before you sign up.

Can the DVDs be shipped anywhere?

Due to local obscenity laws, all types of adult DVDs are banned in some states and districts. Porn companies are aware of these restrictions and will not ship to such areas. If you live in one of these areas you strongly urge you to contact your local representatives and ask them to stop infringing on your constitutional rights. As an alternate to having porn shipped out to, we recommend that you look at, that has movies on demand, so you can access them right on your computer.












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